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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just Fishin

Thats what they say.
Where are the Hudson's ?
There just fishin....
I can tell you that are just fishin was all part of Gods plan.
We met a teenage girl who needed LOVE.
We shared JESUS and she found LOVE.
We met a couple we call our friends
On Tuesday night Kathys life came to an end.
I do not look back and say did I ? Cuz we shared JESUS and he doesn't lie.
She did not care if I went to church or where.. How I lived or the clothes I wear.
She was my FRIEND I need say no more..
I have not written here for quite sometime..
Now here I am as I sit here and cry..
You don't even matter my other so called friends, who have turned out to be nothing but Hypocrites.
So you no longer have a place in my life..
The JESUS you  speak of does not offer life
Its all about you and how you look
Most of you never even open his Book
You preach it and swear that you know this God man
But your actions speak louder and define you from start to end
You sit and you gossip about things you don't know it has no reflection of the JESUS I KNOW..
The things that have happened on the banks of that river are big huge God Bumps that make me quiver..

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