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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The T-shirt and the deception....

As I packed my bag for a weekend retreat, I placed a ministry tool inside that I had purchased to open doors and minds to the persecuted church.
Upon arriving and dressing praying that this tool would be used and many would be drawn and encouraged to join me. Not long after I saw another woman with the same shirt and I immediately thought God is good and we not just I would reach more people with the gospel. Soon after my hopes were dashed as it was revealed that this person had become victim of a false teaching a complete lie that her shirt purchase had put a bible in someones hand in a restricted nation.Voice of the martys is where these shirts were purchased but they do nothing, it is thru the purchase of balloons and parachutes and the putting together of these items and money that any Bible reach anyone. Please as you read this google tortured for christ it is a book you can recieve free of charge that will outline at the close how you can become a part of this ministry. This misinformation could keep many from hearing the Gospel message.

The whisper : 2 TH 3:3 God protects us from the evil one... Go into all nations and make disciples of men.

It was only a dream..

Woke up from a nap (flu nap) I had been having a dream and it resembled who my husband used to be..YUCK ! I have been having trouble shaking it, so the best thing to do now is spend some time thanking God that this was only a dream and it is no longer true.. It has been sometime since I had these kinds of thoughts about my husband and how it used to make me FEEL..(the feel lie)

The whisper : Think on these things, whatever is good, whatever is true, whatever is lovely.. Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

I am going into prayer and praise and worship.. Thank you JESUS !!!