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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get off the couch !

That is my new goal. Joined a fitness center and started drinking water,(which is a big deal for me) trying to give up smoking which is tough but I am not giving up... Bought some beads to make gifts, Bible study and reading a new book each week, writing prisoners, My blog, going to church and getting involved, cursillo, Getting out of the house and helping others (thanks for inviting me) you know who you are,spending time with friends and spreading the gospel message, Watching what I put in my mouth and what comes out of it. Praying and spending time with my God each day.. My dog Gus who I love dearly and keeps me company and Loves me back.. Time with my three girls and my husband even if it is on the phone . Changing my habits and adding new things has changed everything from watching tv all day, stuffing my face, being depressed and lonely.. Thank you Lord for lifting me up out of that pit, All I did was ask and knock and God opened the door, I have to choose to walk thru it.. So if your any of these things get your butt up off the couch and ask God's help and change your life.