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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Bells

By May 7 I will have waited 26 years for this day. I started planning in my heart what this day would look like. May I suggest you do not start making official plans a year and a half before the big day. I have to apologize I have been so ready to just get it over with that I almost ruined a 26 year plan at least in my mind. My oldest daughter Jessica will marry the day before my birthday and Bob will perform the marriage ceremony. That is more than he or I could have imagined, what an honor ! You see Bob is Jessica's step-father but we know in God's eyes Bob is Jessica's Daddy ! He clothed her and bought her school supplies, attended her school activities and provided for her to play the violin and the trumpet and honor choir, band trips and cheerleading activities, costumes for plays , heat, water, food and shelter, Daddy dates at gems and on and on. The girls all three paid for a lot of things themselves also, Jessica was involved and was at the top of her game throughout her entire life. She was in the paper and recognized for her accomplishments so many times it was incredible. Now our beautiful daughter will join Matt as his wife and we her parents Thank you Lord for all the blessings ... It is going to be a beautiful day for you see Jessica and Matt have invited JESUS to be on the main stage for the event and there is nothing that could touch a mom and dad more than that.

The Whisper: I will never leave you nor forsake you !!! AMEN