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Monday, April 8, 2013

Border Bullies

Yeah you who sit smug with a kiss on the cheek and a hug.
Someone who is famous died now you all step up and cry....
Well just to get it off my chest you disgust me at your best.
Whisper in my ear, God help me out of here.
Your a lier and a thief and your friendship turned out cheap.
Bully that you are.
I want you to know I am a shooting star.
When I couldnt lift my head let alone get out of bed.
You talked behind my back every word was an attack.
Now you fill those Sunday church pews,
Thats the only time you hear the good news.
You obviously missed the mark.
Your religion is like a dart.
Bullseye !!!!
Thats you shrewd and rotten and crewd.
I cant stand your phony face.
Its my God that I embrace.
My faith is not weak !
My Prayers echo to My God and he comforts, protects and teaches me...
The secrets that we share.
The pain you could not bear.
Thats why he chose me and not you,
You would never make it through.
Yes at times the fire and flames leave singes on my mind.
But Thank you Jesus at least I am not blind...

Rain Drops

With each drop of rain you can see a green blade of grass sprout.
Jesus you are with us.
That there is no doubt.
We thank you for your Holy Spirit presence.
We now pause and pray.
Thankful to have each other.
The smallest things somehow matter.
Rich beyond measure.