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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The time has come...

I am learning that is up to me how I allow others to treat me. I can be respectful and kind and patient and allow the fruits of the spirit to guide my actions and I can also not accept being put down and ridiculed and verbally abused. Oh I have heard all the good ol' boy excuses and the we were just kidding that I care to hear. My arms are shaking and my heart is aching as I confront the truth about how I have allowed others to treat me. In my past I was a thief, I no longer am and I will not be treated like I am a thief and can't be trusted. In telling the truth about my past there are those who now feel a need to snatch up loose change and act like there is a thief in their midst. The truth is you are the thief trying to steal that which the Lord has restored and resurrected. Lord you have lifted me up and their is no human that can change that.