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Monday, March 21, 2011

Heart transplant

In the name of JESUS I ask to be taught the word of God. Thankful that as I learn, God reveals to me things I have thought or been taught that just are not in the Gospel. I am shocked at how I have been led astray. No pointing fingers or placing blame or trying to be convicting to anyone. I just know now that we need to seek God in all things. Seeking the fathers teaching in all things. My mothers suffering was not so the family could accept her death. Death is death it is not healing. Healing is healing. Salvation is by grace. Healing is by grace. There are times when I ask myself are you spending to much time with God ?

The Whisper - Joshua 1:8 the Lord told Joshua to meditate on the scripture day and night..
If we do not obey the word we do not Love God..