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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The chain gang..

As I read a friends blog about her childhood home, I think of a small home not far from my own, it is my parents home where we had our 20 year family reunion and my oldest sister and all her family (she is a saint) 9 kids in all, came for the first time, the games we played, the smiles, the hugs, the tears and the memories. The home where my mom and dad were set free and saved and in the end had fallen in Love again, the Sunday dinners, holidays and b-days and the death. Both my parents died in that house and it is sacred ground for me. If I could I would buy it and stay there forever, just so I could have a glimpse of a family that used to be. There were arguments and misunderstandings as all families have but they are my family all the same. God can you ever restore this ? Is it possible ? Will it ever happen ? I have cried so many tears for the loss of the relationship with my siblings and yet I have never really asked God to restore and renew this family. So today right now In the Name of JESUS I ask for my family to be restored and renewed AMEN.