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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life and death and organ donation

I could'nt help but write about hearing of a young beautiful girl who's life here on this earth ended yesterday and Praying for her parents and family. This morning hearing of the loss of a father many years ago and what a tragedy when life ends so quickly with no warning and all the heartbreak and all the people who's lives are changed forever in the blink of an eye. My father died that way, he just fell off his chair and that was it, gone. My mother on the other hand suffered greatly and it was so painful to watch and to not be able to do anything to help her. Today I picked up a friend and within minutes he told me they had taken his brother by ambulance to the hospital in Chicago, he is awaiting a liver transplant and the family was informed they had a liver, my heart leaped and I knew all we could do was pray.. As we were doing our errands in Sioux Falls he made a call to find out that the hospital was readying his brother for a liver by-pass machine to determine if he was a suitable candidate and if his body could withstand this procedure,I saw hopes dashed in an instant and I tried to be as positive as I could be not really knowing all that is involved. I find it a beautiful thing organ donation, that when one life is lost others may be saved and sometimes several people are saved by the loss of one. Please join me in prayer for Steve - AKA(weiner)!!!