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Thursday, April 4, 2013

That faith thing ?

What a year it has been.
Do I spend the next year explaining myself ?
It is written! If we see a brother fall into sin, those that are righteous shall restore him lovingly.
Three women stopped to see me in that year and offered their friendship.
Today  the ones who left you alone to suffer in silence and try to call you friend shutter at your presence.
The backstabbers, the devils advocate,s they wish to eat you up, they need to make known that their stories and lies are true about where you have been.
My God is stopping them, those border bullies, those nobodies, those busy bodies, you know the ones the gosssips, thats what they are known for, they may have the biggest check book but they have a zero balance with My God. Jesus has revealed them to me and maybe to you.
what do we do with such information ?
We as gods word says shall restore them lovingly ?
How do we go about that task ?
Shall we offer a soft word, a smile, a loving outstretched arm of welcome ?
 I am not sure but this is the best answer I have...
I will continue to search in Gods word for answers and to put away my selfish hurt feelings to respond rightly ... Locked away in a prison of my own making I certainly was relying and calling upon God, but to the outside world I was faithless, I had given up and given in. A true testing was at hand. I walked through the fire and got burned ! That reveals to me a lacking in my daily walk. Was I ever going to get up and say enough is enough ? Yes, the day came and I shuttered as I made the first move. God has removed some persons from my life and I need now to trust and obey cause there is no other way to be happy in Jesus is to trust and obey. It is hard to let go of people you love and care about, it feels wrong, like I am giving up again.. Gods ways are higher than my ways and I need to walk in obedience even when it hurts . What a journey this life is. Lord help me to use the fruits of the spirit instead of leaving them like crumbs on a dry and drought stricken land, help me to practice daily these gifts as we travel this path together. Thank you for Loving me so much !!!! Amen