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Thursday, February 10, 2011

James 4:7

Baited, it has been a week since this all started and what better time. There is weakness, health issues, quitting smoking,car troubles, ATTACK.

Submit therefore to God, Resist the devil and he will flee.
To God be the Glory.

I have been baited repeatedly this week, evidence that God is being glorified. Haters beware ! You may catch me off guard but my God is faithful, He is who he says he is, He can do what he says he can do, I am who he says I am, I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength.

God reveals some unforgiveness and I admit but go no further, can I go further ? I can, but will I ? The wounds are deep and I have held them for a long time, this is hate and I am supposed to love my neighbor as myself, I feel justified to hold this and yet there is the word and my God who has brought me out of the slimy pit and now here is this garbage buried for years, I just want to forget and keep this buried, can I forgive when the offenses still continue ? How far do I have to go ? Lord help me I am unable to do this, I need you, even speaking about this anger burns inside me and I swear and lose it, now I begin to hurt because I am grieving the holy Spirit and God... This will not be instantaneous but Lord I am willing show me the way !!!!
I whisper : Forgive me father for I have sinned...


God recently brought into my life many new friends from all over the world. I never thought I would have this opportunity. As my health forced me to leave my job in Custer, God has allowed me to stay in touch with my kids ! Yes my kids, I Love them as my own, they are from the Ukraine and the Phillipines,Honduras and Indonesia,Singapore and Vietnam many from the U.S.
If I had a bigger house and jobs so I could sponsor their visa they would all live under my roof. Love is all I can tell you, they showered me with Love and I them, we laughed til we cried most days, we shared and had such fun, we also worked.These kids were all far from home and looked to Bob and I as parental figures. Six of them recieved there driver license which was so awesome to see them accomplish, They were so willing to learn and determined to succeed. I was demanding and they all had the will to be the best even if we were "housekeepers" as a team we did an awesome job. Some returned home and will come back to U.S. others returned to there country and are now studying and in college or may have completed their studies. What a privilege, what an honor and a blessing.
From The Fish Whisperer I Love You: Eric,Victoria,Ivan,Roma,Serge,Bee,Eve,Ken,Anna,Maria,Desi,Diego,Yayan,WawanBig Dedy,Lino,Radio,Ben,Lori,David,Justin,Brandon,Loren,Peter,Joe,rainbow bright,John,Kaleesha.....