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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The finish line

In the past two weeks it seems there is death all around. One death I know resulted in life, the others I am not so sure of.. Questioning the importance of paying respects after death.. Did I take the time to come see you when you were alive ? Did I tell you the impact you may have had in my life or others while you were still here ? I had one chance to see my dad before he left this world, I chose to follow my heart. I told my dad 4 days before he died that I Loved him, gave him a charles Stanley devotional for Fathers day and thanked him for taking care of my kids and thanked him for life. I am so glad I took a chance because you see when my dad died I was not to be at there home, there was a restraining order against me, I listened to my heart and decided it was worth the risk..3 days later my dad got out of bed, sat at the dining room table with his morning coffee and fell off his chair dead that was it !!!

The whisper : Do you hear me ? Are you listening ?