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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


4:30 Am shelbyville Tennessee awoke to than undeniable need we all have, entering the dark parking lot and surprised that it was absolutely beautiful outside. The stillnesss and quiet as I looked around, there was no snow and I smiled inside and thanked God. Seems as though we have had a very cold winter and a lot of snow. Returning to the truck I decided to stay up and just take in the peacefulness of my surroundings. As I returned to the bed I was startled to find my little Gus had needed to go with me on my journey, I abruptly found that out via my foot. In that moment startled as I was I had a choice, I could have a fit and make a big deal of it or deal with it and realize the poor little guy had needed a break as much as I . So I chose to clean the foot and the rug and pick Gus up forgive him and off to sleep we went . Together we snuggled and slept for three hours and thus started our first day of February. This was his first and only accident out on the road he has been a very good traveler. I dont know if I am just getting old but I feel as though that this is another sign of that changed heart. Thank you Lord for my new heart, For this new day ! Amen............

A Whisper The old heart would have thrown quite a fit!!