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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Holy Spirit Filled or Holy hell what was that ?

When the Holy Spirit came into my life he booted out all the phony people. The Bible bangers who know nothing about Jesus, nothing about what Gods word says, you know the ones who claim to Love Jesus, yet in their daily lives you would not recognize anything like Jesus. You know the ones who invite you when they want your check book and not you, the ones who use Jesus to make money and adopt babies and suck all the people they know dry for financial gain.  The ones who sit around and talk behind your back and cause you and others to stumble with their selfish, self serving dishonest, I am better than you attitudes. The ones who cant even handle listening to what you have been through, much less go through it or anything even close. The ones who claim to care for you except when your sick or hurting you never see or hear from them, but then in public they act like your buddies.. Puke !!!!! Gag !!!  You cant touch this spirit filled believer ! I thank you Father for teaching me so much about who I Do Not want to be! Those people who boast of themselves and everything they do is put out for the public to see, be it newspaper, radio or tv, the church bulletin or at the coffeehouse. Would they do it if they got no recognition ???? Hell No they wouldnt they prance around telling about all their worthy accomplishments. Stay away ! They will bring you down, chew you up, and spit you out, use you as their little do good charity case.. The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it to the full til it overflows.  I choose the latter . To be Holy Spirit filled, Jesus is part of my everyday and I am never alone .. A sinner saved by Grace not better or worse than anyone, we are all sinners, all the work was accomplished by the father and Son and the cross. Thank you Abba


I am so delighted for my daughter to be closer and to see my beautiful Grandaughter. I prayed for this and the Lord answered me. I never expected it to be for this reason. I am torn and my heart aches for their family. From the first day I met charles I Loved him. I Loved him for the glow he put on my daughters face. I Loved his sweet and quiet personality, his genuine committment to his health and the way he seemed to shine when he looked at my daughter. I Loved his family when they came for the wedding, it was so fun having them all at the house. This family that came from far away to celebrate Charles and Stephanies wedding. The entire family was so polite and friendly and accepting of us, complete strangers. Every family has issues, as I am sure they did, yet, they could put them aside and be together and we truly enjoyed having them in our home it was an honor. The wedding was beautiful and all was well. Today as there family comes apart at the seams my heart aches for Ellie that her parents are not togehter and I worry about how this will effect her entire life. I pray that God will heal there marriage but It doesnt look like that is going to happen. If I would have had any idea how my actions would effect my children in their futures I certainly would have lived my life differantly. As I see them struggle and how they act and react to the stresses of life I know I failed them and was a very bad example. Children learn what they live I was told, yet I saw them rise above all the obstacles I placed in their paths. Now as young adults there is evidence that what they lived has had an effect on their relationships and other areas of their lives.

The Thief comes to kill steal and destroy

But I have come to bring life says My God..
Almost a year ago I sat in the back seat of the church I visited tonight for my daughters wedding.
Treated as a common criminal, ostricized, put down, heart bleeding, mind reeling.
For almost a year I suffered not being able to get past the disappointment, anger, hurt, rage and despair.Tonight my Father Invited me to offer up a prayer for my community at this church. To the altar I went, it was an awesome healing experience.  Man may put me down, My Jesus welcomes me to His Throne, an heir to his kingdom, my name written in the lambs Book of life. From where does your help come from ? My help comes from the Lord ! I will serve him all my days..