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Friday, April 8, 2011

your not my MOM...

If you are a step parent you have probably heard those words. I have a new friend, she is 5 years old and a bundle of Love. She oozes Love, she gives it and recieves it. I was struck by a conversation I had with her mommy as she shared her pain and failure. I realized that sometimes we reach out to help others which is all fine and good BUT we should never encourage the seperation of a mother and child, we should offer sound biblical advice. In trying to help are you harming another ? Have you over stepped your bounds ? Are you doing this for the pat on the back you give yourself for the wonderful person you are ? My new friend and I are going to the movies on tuesday and the last week of April we are going to the circus, tuesday we are going alone cuz her mommy has to work, but the circus NO WAY would I take this little princess to the circus for the first time without her mommy, that is a precious time that should be shared and I would never want to ruin that for another mom. There are many precious moments for mom's and Lord I pray I never hurt another mother by interferring with a mother and child relationship. Lord, Show me where I may be a help to others, keep me from sticking a sword into anothers heart. AMEN