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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My 27 year old friend

This hate it has festered for 27 years. I have groomed it and approved it and allowed it to take hold.
I said I had forgiven just to lighten its tight hold. I cannot sit in the middle watch you pass by my home. I never imagined the result would be not seeing you walk down the aisle and join the man of your dreams and how my heart would smile. Never could I look and see that this was part of my and your family tree my hatred gave me glasses and made it impossible to see. 27 years ago I too walked down the aisle to a man I thought would Love me always and  it never turn out this way.. I Love you my Daughter but I must go away. You made your request known and I have waited all I can.. My heart already beats less its ripped and it is torn. My God will be my victor he has promised me that.. It is just unimaginable that it has come to that.

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