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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm gonna kick your ask............

Seeking to say this with care, Love and concern........
Sometimes when things are in turmoil one can get on a pity party left unattended that may turn into far worse. Wrong choices and really bad decisions made in moments of self-pity justified by selfishness and a mind set of poor me..As others reach out and offer help that turns into being taken advantage of by those who choose to feel sorry for themselves.
I have so been there and thank God for the people who didnt allow me to do this in Love they gave me a swift kick in the pants and positive Godly advice.

1. Do you have Jesus ?
2. trust him !
3. Get out of bed.. NOW..
4. Take a shower, get dressed and make yourself look good even if you dont feel good.
5. Children come first Love them and take care of the Precious cargo.. NOW
6. Take care of what God has given you, you wont get more til you care for what your already blessed with.
7. drugs and alcohol are delaying your progress and healing DONT DO IT...
that is an easy quick fix but will not last and is dangerous for many reasons.
8. Consumed with what others are saying about you ? Live your life so you can give an answer with confidence and not fear as to how you are living .
9. Seek God speak positively and call things that are not yet seen as seen.

This was the list I was Given I pray Lord you deliver this where it may be useful to someone else, that hurting person who needs a swift kick in the butt...