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Monday, January 10, 2011

Look at how Blessed we Are !!!!!!!!

Seeking safety with my father who promises to protect me. As I say that and think of those in Tuscon I choose to think of the people around me. Men who take the free gift of salvation message to the men in prison, The community that comes together to support a hurting family when tragedy strikes, or a member of the community is sick and needs help with medical bills etc. the guys who collect and sort cans for Kiwanis and do city wide clean up, clean the ditches, the woman who serve at the church providing snacks, making coffee, doing dishes, the sunday school teachers, the bulletin, the music, those who visit the elderly and the sick, the volunteer fire and rescue, the great 4th of July celebration and all its preperation, those who go help prepare food boxes for the hungry and support missions around the world and the list goes on, all in a little town in NW Iowa. There are so many servants with a heart for God who are here doing his will without their picture in the paper or a paycheck not for reward here on earth. WOW how fortunate we are to live in such a loving community