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Friday, February 18, 2011

Lord prepare me !

That song was ringing in my head last night as I went to bed and so bless his heart my little Gus got to hear me sing...(scary) as I lay there wondering why I had been invaded by jealousy and envy over many who were attending a concert and knowing they were praising God and having a good time I should have been happy for them, instead burned up with envy,jealousy and self pity not understanding where this was coming from. I always Love to see others be happy and find joy in good things that happen to others,yet in an instant I was staring this ugly in the face... I decided God had provided my concert not as on key as Chris tomlin but I sang it over and over til I fell asleep.

Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary pure and Holy tried and true with thanksgiving Ill be a living sanctuary for you...
Refined a little more Thank you Lord ............After reading the story of the concert and seeing the girls smiles, the devil wants me to feel like slugworth , but I will not ! I am who God says I am!!! My evilness
is not uncommon, honestly repenting, Forgiven once again..