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Friday, March 4, 2011

Do you hear what I hear ?

Make a joyful noise ? I had always thought of this in the box (you know the one).
Recently a joyful noise has blossomed and my hearing has been tuned to a new station.
I heard a joyful noise in a room full of sleeping beauties, the sound was unbelievable. As I finally made it to my bunk at 2:30 Am, as soon as my head hit the pillow the symphony was in full swing, I started laughing and had to pull my blanket over my mouth, trying to hold back made my body shake and my bed squeek as though I was not alone ! Right there smack dab in the middle of the room and then came Mel V. out of her bed and I could not hold back, in the pitch black trying to find the door and keep my roaring laughter in check I ran to the chapel in the hopes the girls there would pray with me and I would get some rest but ohhh no there was Mary P. and I dont even remeber who else and I found myself on the floor with tears running down my face as I told them of the symphony that I can only compare to the sound cows make when they take there calves away and it hit me I was in a room full of moms away from there babes. You would have thought you just passed by a feedlot. That was the start of hearing this week a joyful noise, it now resides in me and the noise has come in many differant and wonderful ways. The smile of another believer, salvation, A woman sitting in the back of the room who with just a few words opened up and when she raised her hands in praise, The voice of God moving the Holy spirit in me and saying GO, moms sharing cute stories about there kids, a friend sharing concern for someone hurting, it all produced a joyful noise..

The whisper Be still and know that I am God..
That is where I have heard the noise the most in the stillness...

The Whisper be still and know that I am God