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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ready, set ooh...

Well one more day and my ooh will be go. Early on I learned (with a lot of help from patient people) that I needed to reach out and start thinking of others. Days consumed with what am IIIII gonna do and how am IIII gonna get thru this, the what about me !! God so blessed and comforted and gave me peace, once I turned my thoughts and actions into being a servant... I ask and God provides, people, places and things where I can get out of myself and start thinking more of others. The money was never there to be a giver in that way, there are many things one can do to serve where money is not priority.
As we have been faithful in the little things God has increased and
At times we even have a few extra bucks that can be used in giving.

The Whisper I promised ..........