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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Visit prison in an envelope

I have been part of the prison pen pal ministry since 2003. I have written a woman who was released after almost 2 years of correspondence never to hear from her again. At the present time I write to 3 woman on death row, Three woman who are in prison for some of the most horrible crimes I know of. My God speaks to my heart and says they are sinners, hate the sin love the sinner. I also write a woman who will be released in less than a year. I have a family member and now a friend who just recently went back or will be needing mail in prison. I was taught certain things about writing to strangers in prison that doesnt apply to those we know, but we need to have the correct info before writing anyone incarcerated for numerous reasons. If anyone wishes I have pamphlets and a dvd with great info for those who wish to serve. I have been so blessed by this ministry I hope some of you feel called to join the ministry..