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Thursday, February 21, 2013

They say I Love you...what a joke

They tell you how to talk, how to dress, what you can say and what you cannot, they take your every word,feeling and thought.They beat you with it relentlessly, pursuing and judging. putting you down they are bullies and boast of only themselves and the grandeous lives they have chose.I hide in my home as there is no one for with to share, it isnt allowed it is very unfair. Not only sorrow but the joys in my life, they are all to be kept secret so what do I do with this life. I pray and my God tells me to be strong for he is the one who will right all the wrong. I spend days secluded but my God is here if he wasnt I would be dead from the fear. I am a Grandma now the thing I so wanted now I am kept from my Grandkids and I am haunted I dreamed of the warm and the fuzzy of their Love now I feel tortured and nothing but judged. I will not become a victim of their lost little lives because its my God I have learned to trust. He never leaves me and makes me feel alone no matter whats happening my God is always home. He is the hand that I hold through these days I feel his wet kiss on my cheek when I stray.