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Friday, October 25, 2013

Starlight star bright

Many a day that's all it's been waiting wishing wanting never satisfied looking for greener pastures that unsettling feeling that your not enough that your life doesn't measure up that worth depends on cash flow it oozes into every pore of existence the stench is nothing divine

It's Been a long time coming

Under construction 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Danger Zone

Do you intentionally put yourself or your family in danger ?
For most this is a stupid question..
For Bob and myself we have to look at this and say NO..
If there was a fire you wouldnt walk into it.
If there was danger you would do what was needed to avoid it.
So Today we make a choice to say No.
You have endangered us our marriage our children our Grandchildren our freedom..
You did this supposedly in the name of LOVE..
Bullshit !!!
You did it because of money and whos who...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In just a few short hours 50 I will be.
When I look in the mirror its Grandma I see
So excited to still have time with my family
Its really exciting three and four on the way
The boy may be named Grady guess we will have to wait an  see
Danielle is having a rough time
God Bless her and four she is praying for a girl
We couldnt be excited more
Please heal and join together our family tree
Love is the answer
Waiting on God just you wait an see
He has a good plan for you and for me

Monday, April 29, 2013

Gods Plan

Just because its uncomfortable you run and pick and choose
Jesus says to Love like him
I find my Love quite small
I like to be alone sometimes
But lonely I shall never be
Because my Jesus sheds his Grace on me...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Forest throught the Trees..

What are you thinking about ?
That Beautiful tree that survived ice storm 2013
It is a differant tree
Never seen one like it before say most
Days there will be passersby who notice the tree
many a photo it has had
though it is differant it has beauty and worth
Though it is differant than most all seem to be drawn to it
What is it you say ?
No differant than the white beauty whos top is now tipsy turvy
bent off
Not yet broken
Survived but took a beating
Soon that top will die it will never grow any bigger
It will never be the same after the storm
Once it has been broken it never will return as healthy as before.
Its like life each experience changes you
Never returning to the innocence or ignorance perhaps ..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In the heat of this day

In the still times I see you.
In the chaos you are their .
I know the answer.
Most do not care.
He is the I Am.
The one to which we must turn.
He is the answer when all else is a blur.
Seek him in the morning and night.
He is the one turns darkness to light.
It is not a secret do not be dismayed.
He hung on the cross for just this kind of day.
The world is topsie turvy.
The land giving way to man.
Terror in Boston is not part of his plan.
We have a choice..
Look up or fall down..
He is the God man he is always around.
Knock and seek and the door will be open.
Do not believe that you are forgotten.