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Friday, January 14, 2011

One boy and three girls gone never forgotten

As I saw that the youngest victim of the Tuscon tragedy was laid to rest I wonder how does a mom and dad a brother and the neighbor that took her to the mall get thru it. Such senseless acts that have devastated so many lives. I have lost a child but do not know their loss, for my son never took a breath or cried for me, I never got to change his diaper or rock him to sleep, I only got to hold his lifeless body for about one hour and I can tell you I wanted him and loved him as every mother does. Still today I watch young men who would be his age and wonder had he lived what would his life have looked like and then my thoughts turn to what is his life like for I know that HE IS WITH JESUS AND HE DOES LIVE IN HEAVEN AND I WILL SEE HIM AGAIN !!!!!!!!!! So I guess thats it, we all go on with Hope of what is to come. A whisper from mom to Joshua I Love you Son see you soon.