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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new day and A new way

I am finding that approaching certain persons to inquire of their faith can be very simple. Without complications just casual conversation can lead to sharing JESUS with those who may not know him or those who have just not made the committment to make him first in their lives. I have had so many times to do this recently and it has opened up many doors. The funniest thing has been sharing JESUS then you hit your hand with a hammer or slam your fingers in a door and the word shit instantly comes out  of your mouth to be greeted with I thought you were a good christian woman with a chuckle to let them know because I said shit does not change my love for JESUS or his love for me. Can I come up higher and find a new word of course yet this has opened up new life for these kids.. Thank you Lord that you can use even my shortcomings to Glorify you.....