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Monday, February 21, 2011

The truth will set you free

I have experienced freedom from the truth so many times I can't count.
I have also had the misfortune to meet those who seem uncapable of being honest.
There are those pathological liars who cannot keep their lies straight.

Freedom in Christ is a wonderful place.
Not something earned or deserved A free gift we recieve as we learn and apply God's word.

Time with God is essential for this gifts arrival.
An hour sitting in church I do not believe will be enough for the gift to be recieved.
Living apart from God for many years meant I had to make a priority spending time with God. A great Pastor and friend helped me to understand that time was going to be the healer, that I needed to spend as much time in God's word as I had spent living apart from God..
I accepted my help and guidance with Love and did what Godly friends told me to do.
I heard and listened and I am still hearing and listening and after 10 years I still spend a major part of my life knocking, seeking, asking studying and praying.
Thank you Lord for making me teachable aside from you I can do nothing.
Thank you for Godly friends who are honest with me and help me even when it hurts. Thank you Lord for giving me a heart that accepts help and guidance.Thank you for opening my eyes and ears to recieve your word which has set me free...