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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Standing in the hallway

It was not by accident that a few days ago my husband and I stood in the hall of a community building. The voices we heard were accusing and ugly and as far from professional as we could have ever imagined. The accusations flying, the tone of voices, some in their own defense and others who have taken on a superiority role, they obviously are not qualified to have. My concern is that these so called pillars of the community have in their hands the ability to change all our lives.
Should we be more involved in community politics ? Should we bury our heads in the sand and just accept all the rules and laws this body produces and stifles our lives with. There was nothing about the meeting that will affect me personally right now, but who knows if I could someday be in that hot seat in need of some help. I do know we were in a meeting a few weeks ago that changed our lives all because two unqualified people have a personal vendetta against those they do not know. They judge on gossip, they flew lies and accusations, the bid and bidder revealed and lets not forget the vote accepted and seconded, then they had a problem. We know God was revealing to us exactly what kind of people we were in the company of and it changed everything for us. It is possible to walk in forgiveness and at the same time not be a fool.

The Whisper: Seek God first and all these things will be given to you also