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Sunday, April 10, 2011


What would you do to be with your beloved ? How far would you walk ? How much pain would you endure to be reunited if you were seperated ? Early this morning as I watched an old Lassie show and lassie had traveled hundreds of miles writhing in pain, exhausted yet determined to make the journey to be reunited with his beloved, as he walked the cobblestone streeets without an ounce of energy left bruised and battered he continued on no matter the pain and then the reunion. I saw JESUS stumbling and bleeding, beaten beyond recognition, yet he continued on, determined to run the race til completion, and to know he did all that for me and for you, so that we could have life everlasting and we to could know the Father and his great Love for us.. How far will we go and what will we endure to bring even one along with us to victory ? Do you hear him calling Lassie come home....