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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In the still of the night

The beautiful birch carrying such a heavy load
Bent over and sagging
The sounds of Ice breaking limbs
The crackle of freezing
The candle lights flicker
A car in the ditch
Town is pitch black
Silenced and still
In the peace of dark
At times fear is gripping my heart
Father protect us and help us to rest
You surely are putting our faith to the test...

Healing Rain

Healing the soil the rain that falls.
Now there is ice all comes to a crawl.
Lord help me to trust you and leave myself.
Reliance and promises are what I seek.
There are times that I feel so weak.
Strengthen me Lord with your word.
Help me to cope when not an utterance is heard.
To know in silence you are still here.
I Love you father get me out of here.
Locked inside this head is dread .
Please bring me warmth and rest instead.
Your word brings life and peace.
Its you I need
Help me to knock and ask and seek til i find.
This path is so rough I feel so attacked.
Devil get out you have no place here.
My God is the victor and that is quite clear.
Take my hand Lord lead me to you just for today ,
let it not be me but you !!!!!!!!!!!!!