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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The list and the label

Are you on the list ? The one where you may have disagreed with someone or angered someone or done the right thing, but the right thing was difficult and painful. Do you now have a title ? Like the snob or the rich bitch (cuz you have nice things) that by the way you worked your tail off for. The label of a snitch for reporting a serious wrong where this was a necessary step. The good ones friend, giver, man or woman of God, lover, kind. We dont mind these labels, the others may be true and we think as offensive, for me being the snitch is o.k. God used this and saved my marriage and my family, I did the right thing. The snob I have found most times doesn't fit, and sometimes it does... But who really cares. God cares these kinds of names can be harmful and most would never say that to the persons face, I don't happen to be on that list I have never struggled with speaking my mind and I choose face to face combat (oops) contact. Yes I fall on the fighter list not the flight list, just how it is and I must indulge in the word daily to keep this in check... Lord help me to see all people as your children and help me to show love not judgement in all things.... AMEN