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Monday, April 16, 2012


There are moments when all seems ok.
Then are the days when revelation brings to light the deception.
Always watching every move.
Consumed with self and cares for no one else.
I cannot tithe its not allowed.
The thief has come and he is so damn loud.
The truth it slithers in and out.
Now I am silenced and have so many doubts.
Never touched. Constantly put down.
He cannot Love
He cannot share
His selfishness is everywhere.
Mentally Ill without a doubt.
I want to leave but do not know how.
I have quieted any and all friends .
I married this man and took some vows, now I struggle should I stay or get out
My mind in chaos, loss and doubt
The piggy back ride is just too much.
The signs I see would scare most to death
There is never a break and no rest
When does one stay
When does one go
When does one just stop and say NO