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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hugging a palm tree

At 47 firsts are so amazing driving to phoenix was awesome and heart breaking there was a lot of Gods beauty and a lot of mans poverty seeing the Navajo childrens home brought me to my knees and seeing the homes the native americans are living in some quite traditional called Mondos and others not quite so appealing makes one thankful for the things we take for granted a warm shower heat lights running water may we ask God to bless these people to enlarge there territory and to make them prosper.. Glad for the internet connection and Blessed to have spent time in the word with a great bible study and a great book heading to Maryland. Moses needed Aaron and Hur to hold up his arms to hold up his staff for the army of Isreal to be victorious....Today find a need and fulfill it. help someone in need.
With Love in christ the Fish whisperer