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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Invitation

I have never come this far before, I came right thru the front gate and approached the brazen altar, As I prepare to go further and am now ready to move to the brazen laver and I prepare to ready myself to go farther it happens, should I have expected it ? probably, yet I am taken by surprise and the angel of darkness approaches and takes his first swing , it is mightier than ever before and the battle begins, Gods word is swirling and piercing and I am not alone nor am I afraid, I know who wins this war and MY GOD is with me... This may take some time but I am ARMED and DANGEROUS...... Heavenly Father reaches down and I give all I have to be with him, he assures me I am ready and I enter through the veil !!!! Just as in days of old there was much preperation and every detail was inspected.. I will never return to where I just came and I will never be the same....I hear a whisper Ive been waiting, I Love You, it takes my breath away!*
There are some WOWs in the heavenlies today...............