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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hatfield and McCoy

I find it time to address my family ties or shall I say lack of ! I have no defense for the actions that led to my sisters and brothers not having a relationship with me . I can tell you that I Love them and I am certain they Love me. With that said they did not like me for a very long time. I stole their growing years by being a rascal and that is putting it mildly. I have had a lot of shame and guilt in the past and God has given me a new heart that is able to forgive, myself and them. I have not spoken to any of my siblings since my youngest sister got divorced and that was over 5 years ago. I made a choice to give every dirty detail I could about them to my brother in law and that info was used in a court room. At the time I felt justified, a payback for all the times they showed no grace and I was real good at not showing grace. I have peace now but it came at a price ! I need not be perfect to claim my inheritance, I fail miserably everyday and my God has given me a free gift. The writing is in the sand, you who have no sin cast the first stone. A liar, a cheat, a thief and a drug addict that has 100% healing. Do I deserve this ? NO ! Broken and made whole, the beauty of the cross. Healing is a continual process these days, I knock, ask, seek and find. My God is faithful, he is who he says he is, he does what he says he can do, I am who he says I am, I can do all things through Christ, God is ALIVE and ACTIVE in me. P.s. A great believing God Bible study bringing it home( thanks Beth )

The Whisper = Grace overflowing Thank you LORD.