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Monday, March 7, 2011

The thief

The thief comes to kill,steal and destroy..
My moment of salvation came at a place I call miracle acres, it all started with a simple cry to God. It is by Grace and Grace alone that I was saved !! I have heard a few try and give my testimoney for which they are clueless they steal the Glory of God.
I have experienced others telling me of someone elses testimony and my question is, what gives you the right ? You are a thief. If God wanted me to hear a testimony he would put me in a place and time for that to happen. Such conversations should not be and I pray I never fall prey to this scheme. God puts people ,places and things in my life for me to experience, I do not have to manufacture or seek out being a blessing or being blessed. My God does not need me, I need him and he provides all my needs. I have prejudged people because of these kinds of stories only to find that they were just that, stories and more often than not the truth has been twisted and manipulated.

Walkie talkie

I have had the pleasure of God placing people in my life who walk the walk not just talk the talk. They seek God in all things.
Have you ever been around a person trying to make God experiences ?
What a turn off...
Its like listening to a sermon in a foreign language and acting like you had a lightbulb moment yet you understood not a word..
Thank you Lord I seek you and I find you...

The Whisper - 1 Corinthians 1:27