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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bi-Polar I Am

My mother said it years ago, my siblings said it constantly. I rejected this information and never gave it a second thought. Had I researched Bi-Polar I would have known without question that this diagnosis was exactly 100 % correct. It has not been a week and I am consumed with thoughts about this diagnosis. I have done a little research and everything I have read fits me like a glove. I feel free in some ways and also Ill in some ways. I have three daughters and each of them have some if not all the symptoms of Bi-Polar. Do I address it or leave it alone. I must address it, I do not want them to suffer for years like I have when this is treatable, and definately knowledge is power. I do fear that my husband will be bashing me with this and know I should trust God and let it go. Feelings of judgement and shame do overtake my thoughts and I need to take them captive with Gods word. I fear what treatment may be suggested. I do feel a lot of relief with the information I have thus far, explains so much for me.. Praying for courage to not sweep this under the rug. Father I count it all joy that you have sent your Holy Spirit to guide and direct my path that you are with me wherever I go you have never left nor forsaken me and I thank you for Loving me so much.