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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trust and Obey

After an eve on the ice, prayed, trusted God, arrived safely and have had a peaceful day today . The roads are a lot better, there were so many cars in the ditch and wrecked cars one has to ask what are they using on the roads ? I have never seen ice like that on the highway for sure. I know times are tough but there are things that cannot be skimped on. Which has brought me to something I cannot skimp on and that is spending time in the word. because of the life I have lived it is essential for my well being and those around me that I spend time in the word each day and for me it is more than a few minutes , I think probably because of my past and the things I have subjected myself to.. I can tell you it is never a waste of time and I hope for my sake and yours I dont skimp.... Thank you Lord for a safe trip and the whisper goodnight I slept like a baby