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Friday, May 6, 2011

This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased

Dear God My Uncle Merle is sick and I am asking In the Name of JESUS for him to be healed and that my Aunt Colleen recieves rest and comfort and peaceful assurance that you have chosen the Dr.s and the Holy hands for todays procedures.. We speak clear arteries with blood that flows freely and that his heart rests and beats in a healthy manner. We thank you for this beautiful man and woman that we love dearly, Thank you Lord ! If you knew my dad you would chuckle at meeting my uncle, he is a happy go lucky, teddy bear of a man, always smiling and a personality that is electrifying. Merle and Colleen are inseperable, she with her Massachusets accent and larger than life laugh. Growing up we spent a lot of time together and My Mom loved Colleen and My dad adored his little brother. My Uncle Merle, the baby and my Uncle Buzz, now the only two surviving brothers. I hold tight to their lives and pray God, let them live forever, which I now know they will ! My uncle Buzz a strappy little chap compared to the other boys but a good looking dude, He and his wife Jan have left a legacy for us also, I remember most his desire to succeed. My Uncle Lyle passed not to long ago, he was a neat freak(remind you of anyone) they threatened to send me to live with them, his princess Marilyn now both gone to be with the Lord. Uncle Lyle loved Bob and tucked him under his wing from their very first meeting. My Uncle Vince who has been gone some time now was short and chubby and funny as could be. My Uncle Larry from California, I always thought of him as rich cuz he lived there, he was a looker also, always remembered my kids and sent them cards. The times they all got together are treasured memories for all of us kids..So to a family that has had all the disfunction we would rather not talk about, The greatest memory is their Love for each other and all of us..

The Whisper:  The Bible heals