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Saturday, September 3, 2011


We met on a sad day, the passing of a parent.Serious talks and plans were made.
Evidence of a respect for the dead and those left behind.
Comforted by the stranger and at ease that he performed his job with dignity.
So comfortable with each other he shared a funny story of my moms pain pump going off in her casket and the beep, beep, beep, they thought may be a fire, only to have to open her casket with mixed feeling and see what the world was beeping.
As my sisters and I shared later that day and the men entered the house asking who were we talking about, oh its Kristi's boyfriend, as my husbands facial expression turned priceless and we giggled like school girls, that introduction never left, with each meeting I greeted Larry as my boyfriend  and we giggled cuz we had told him of our story..
Lord I am ticked that Larrys wife and children have lost their precious dad and husband and I ask WHY.
These sudden acts, heartbreaking the innocent and ending all their plans with such abruptness seem very unfair...
To all his family, friends and co-workers Remember that Smile and Love and pay it forward..