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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Pastor and the chair

Upon pulling up to my house after a trip to Sioux falls I saw the Pastor pulling a trailer with furniture in the back and when I saw the chair I knew that terry had gone home. Tears welled up, not the usual tears of pain but of gain. This was a man and woman who showed me true Godly commitment. They have had struggles that most of us will never know yet they continued to trust God fully. As the pastor told me a complete healing had taken place ! it is answered prayer. I immediately saw Terry with his new body riding his bike around JESUS with no hands and laughing hysterically. My heart hurts for what will this beautiful wife now fill her days with and suddenly I knew because of her faith that I need not worry for her God is with her..

I Whisper say hello to JESUS for me Terry...
with Love to terry and Sandy the fish whisperer