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Monday, February 7, 2011

You can do it !

I had so many reasons not to follow thru when I got up this morning. I decided that regardless of how I felt I was going to do what was planned. A blessing was to be, as we got to work and applied the color to the walls which at first looked pretty ugly ! With a little drying time things started to look better and by completion we all were satisfied with the work we had done. Somewhere between our goofing around and a bit of teezing we had some good discussion and shared and I found some help for a project my heart burned to be a part of that I was only able to partially do on my own. Oh how I want to bring the word of God to suffering people where there are no Bibles, where there are people willing to risk their lives to deliver them and God provided my help. It is freeezing outside but there is a bon-fire blazing on main street in Inwood.

The whisper All things are possible with God !