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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anxiety Excitement Courage Boldness

Today I am anxious to see what the Journey will bring we prayed and we worked and we waited now the time has come to get to the work that is not yet quite done ... We bring the words that hes given the scripture we will sing.. there in our path as we travel the roads knowing God placed us here not for just an ordinary load.. our sleigh we are packing 18 wheels it does have with the gift of the word tucked away in our we listen for his voice and that nudging one feels its souls we are seeking to meet with JESUS appeal remind us Dear Lord as we go on our way it is you at the head directing our sleigh..We seek your ways as you position us to meet these people of the road give us discernment as we reach out and help to lighten there load, We ask for a listening ear and an open heart and the gift of salvation as we end and depart..Thank You Lord for Loving us and choosing us for this job .... Bob and kris