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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Dear Lord can you make it so I can be two places at once. A new church with a pastor that rocks the house(he's new too) Great friends and people God chose to be my family . I am so blessed . Three beautiful children, A husband that loves me and wants to spend all his time with me, The most spoiled dog who gives more kisses than I can accept, Friends who know they can call and talk and share and ask for help if they need it.. Oh and in the middle of it all A great big GOD who is always there to guide and direct, to show me which way to go and what is right and what is wrong. I can only imagine when I get my new body and join JESUS on the new earth how awesome it will be. No sin, no crying, no more leg pain or seizures, no more cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure, no more blood tests and thru it all with Christ I find JOY. I read about that and heard about it but now to experience it wowzee wowzee woo woo.. To all of you who have been a part of this ride I want to thank you I know at times you must have thought Dear Lord what were you thinkin its ok I think that everyday.. So remember be careful what you wish for it just may happen.