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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I am so delighted for my daughter to be closer and to see my beautiful Grandaughter. I prayed for this and the Lord answered me. I never expected it to be for this reason. I am torn and my heart aches for their family. From the first day I met charles I Loved him. I Loved him for the glow he put on my daughters face. I Loved his sweet and quiet personality, his genuine committment to his health and the way he seemed to shine when he looked at my daughter. I Loved his family when they came for the wedding, it was so fun having them all at the house. This family that came from far away to celebrate Charles and Stephanies wedding. The entire family was so polite and friendly and accepting of us, complete strangers. Every family has issues, as I am sure they did, yet, they could put them aside and be together and we truly enjoyed having them in our home it was an honor. The wedding was beautiful and all was well. Today as there family comes apart at the seams my heart aches for Ellie that her parents are not togehter and I worry about how this will effect her entire life. I pray that God will heal there marriage but It doesnt look like that is going to happen. If I would have had any idea how my actions would effect my children in their futures I certainly would have lived my life differantly. As I see them struggle and how they act and react to the stresses of life I know I failed them and was a very bad example. Children learn what they live I was told, yet I saw them rise above all the obstacles I placed in their paths. Now as young adults there is evidence that what they lived has had an effect on their relationships and other areas of their lives.

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