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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

That speck and that log Again !

Yes, Lord it is me again, still struggling under the weight of my own sin. As we find ourselves over and over finding fault in another instead of looking in the mirror at self. Today I am Grateful that God Loves me enough to continue to correct me over and over again and sometimes in the same areas repeatedly.. Good grief will I ever get past some of these issues that clog my forward race. Can I reach for the prize or just keeping looking back and offending my Lord over and over in my ignorance. Yikes !!!!! I.. stumble and each time when I seek his face I am reminded of my wretched sinful self. Lord bring me out of this pit to serve and be your hands and feet. That I  might spend my time thinking of others more than myself that I can spend the days you have given me for good and not evil. In the word of god I find my refuge and salvation Amen.. Pick up the Book open and soak in all the riches offered ....That which I hate I do and that which I Love I do not do. Blessed beyond measure and at times so ungrateful that I sicken myself.. I need you lord in every moment in every thought and in every action... Help me to be more like you, keep showing me your ways and help me to share them with others. I knock I seek I find the door is open Lord help me to quit closing it and slamming it in your face .. Forgive me Father for I have sinned relentlessly getting caught in the enemies trap by my own doing...

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