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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stumbling Blocks

somedays writing is more journaling than anything. A release of sorts for my thoughts and feelings so that hopefully I can line them up with the truth found in the word of god. A revealing process of right and wrong thought patterns and behaviours. I have struggled lately with things that I may do that might cause another to stumble and in that process of course find this in others as well. So what are we to do ? Do we confront Lovingly or do we sit as spectators refusing to get involved. In my own life there are many things I have done that surely have made another stumble. In my church family right now there are hurts that are going untold and expectations unmet. I certainly have witnessed for myself in every church I have ever attended that the persons with the largest cash flow certainly are made part of all the goings on, they seem to be the chosen ones, to be players in all the activities and usually have the starring roles in all events. I sit and watch as children are left out and harmed by this and that is where I find it time to draw a line in the sand. Do you preach the word of God for what you get ? Certainly we have all found ourselves there. Today reports state that Jesus is a big money business and many are cashing in !!! Are you one of them ? Does your church seem to recognize those with the largest cashflow while overlooking the others ? Are you taking all the lead roles in activities and events selfishly denying others a part ? My Jesus did not choose persons for these reasons and I pray today not only that I do not conform to this but that you do not also.

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