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Friday, February 11, 2011

Quitting Smoking ! Yikes.........

I knew this was gonna be hard, I just did'nt expect to feel like this ..
Addicted is a mild word for tobacco it has far greater effects. Wow, then life of course decides to throw a few curve balls and you guessed it I threw a fast ball at anyone or anything. Patience is out the window and I did'nt open it first, Anxiety is now my middle name the habit of the nasty cig to the mouth, the something in your hand and I cannot afford for it to be a box of delicious girl scout cookies but I ate the whole thing, those darn lemonades are awesome.. Then cheese I love cheese and like my michelin tire needs another roll... So Dear Lord only you can do this, I surrender that I am powerless and that I need HELP..... To anyone reading, this please PRAY....

The Whisper Nothing is Impossible for God, Where two or more are gathered IN MY NAME I AM THERE WITH THEM. Amen

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