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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alone in the wild

The past 5 months have been similar to a show I saw on National geographic called alone in the wild , it is about a man in Alaska alone for some time he makes it 50 days with no human contact and starts to think he may lose his mind the need for social contact breaks him.. With my husband gone the last 5 months I could relate, although I had phone contact and a daily trip to the post office, talking with kids and church and my friend who called and invited me places (she was my saving grace). I never thought I could be by myself and be o.k. God was always with me yet the need for human contact was a nagging heartache. There is nothing that substitutes the Love shared between a married couple aside from God. We are a bit saddened that all the hard work, money and plans were foiled, this to shall pass and we know that all things work for good to those who serve the Lord. Thank you Lord for your guiding hand, for keeping Bob safe all these months and for all your provisions . AMEN

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