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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Prayer of Jabez

Oh that you would Bless me indeed and enlarge my territory.. I Prayed this prayer and asked God for this in my life.. Answered prayer is all I can say.
As God placed people in my life from around the world and I have learned of their countries and the whys of them coming to the U.S. I have new eyes for foreigners. I have spent the past few days learning of the guerrilas in Columbia,a place where in the very near future I will be part of delivering Bibles to the mountains in Columbia, to terrorists, God has provided this opportunity and many more for me to share the gospel message with these terrorists and In Indonesia and the Phillipines, Honduras and vietnam and the Ukraine... Enlarge my territory Indeed is exactly what the Lord has done. Father I thank you for choosing me, may all my words and actions be only you speaking thru me...

The Whisper be careful what you pray for you just might get it....

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